Frozen yogurt Chillbox stands out not just because of its wonderful taste, but also because it is a wholesome dessert with low calories and low fat.

It’s unique product characteristics include:

  • Made from 100% fresh Greek low-fat milk

frozen yogurt Chillbox is made from 100% fresh Greek, low-fat cow's milk making up 74-78% of its content, as well as yogurt, fructose, glucose, inulin, stabilisers and emulsifiers.

  • Without preservatives

The only means of preserving frozen yogurt Chillbox is storing it in the freezer.

  • With vitamins

Frozen yogurt Chillbox retains the majority of the vitamins contained in fresh milk thanks to the mild thermal processing it undergoes (pasteurisation).
Because of the large percentage of fresh milk it contains, it is also one of the best sources of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals essential to the body.
The lactose in the milk enhances brain development in children, while also helping the body to more quickly absorb calcium and amino acids. It is rich in vitamins like A, B2, B12 and D, which are necessary for the proper function of the body.

  • Low in fat

All of the flavours have up to 1.5% fat derived from the milk and yogurt. Only the chocolate and hazelnut praline flavours contain 2.8% fat, which is derived from the cocoa and hazelnuts. By comparison, regular ice cream has a fat content of 6-10% of animal or plant origin.

  • Low in calories

The natural flavour has 96 calories per 100 g, while regular ice cream has 180-300 calories per 100g. The other flavours have up to 120 calories per 100 g.
The natural and chocolate flavours contain no granulated sugar, while the other flavours contain less than 1.5% granulated sugar originating from fruit pastes (strawberry, banana, etc.).
On average, the sugar content in frozen yogurt Chillbox varies between 13% and 15%, while regular ice cream has 18% to 21%.

  • With vegetable/prebiotic fibres

Frozen yogurt Chillbox contains 2.8% inulin (dietary fibre), a natural substance found in many fruits and vegetables (like chicory root, which is where the inulin used in frozen yogurt Chillbox comes from).
The same type of dietary fibre is widely used in baby foods, cereals and energy bars, desserts, yogurt and other foods. Dietary fibre is known to boost the body's immune system, improve function and increase metabolism.

  • Certified Production Quality

Frozen yogurt Chillbox is produced in Greece using a production method that complies with a double system of quality assurance and is certified under the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) standards.

  • Store Operation Quality System

All Chillbox stores comply with a quality assurance system in all phases of their daily operation.

  • Quality assurance of final product

To ensure the high quality of the final product tasted by frozen yogurt Chillbox consumers, the product is sent to stores in a ready-to-use form so it can be placed directly in the cooling machine without any additional processing.

All of the above make frozen yogurt Chillbox the healthiest, most delicious dessert.

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